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WELCOME to The British Translator!

Our team of experienced translators and copywriters will help you communicate perfectly with your customers and visitors, and help your business expand.

It only takes two or three seconds for a tourist, businessperson or customer to ignore your communication because of incorrect English, often from online auto-translation programs.

Here at The British Translator we can ensure you engage your customer IMMEDIATELY with perfect British English!

The British Translator service can take your original text in your source language or text already translated into ‘English’ and turn it into authentic, edited British English with correct use of grammar, punctuation, spelling and idioms.

Our experienced editors can also rewrite your text in a particular style to suit your customers and visitors.

Our rates are very affordable and we offer an express service if you need your text translated or edited in a hurry!

Contact us today to find out more or click Get Quote for us to calculate a cost for your translation.

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